Ygritte Venables


Ishmael "Killer Angel" Venables (Husband)

Caterina Venables (Wife)

Aslaug Venables (Wife)

Cersai Venables (Wife)

Melisandre Venables (Wife)




Paris, France

Early LifeEdit

Ygritte was a quick-witted and courageous young spearwife. She had red hair and displayed great skill as an archer. Living north of the Wall, she was well skilled in survival and was staunchly loyal to the cause of the Queen. She valued her status as a French Loyal woman, and disparaged those living south of the Wall as 'kneelers', who blindly followed hereditary leaders instead of choosing a king.

Ygritte believed that because Villagers and Soldiers both claim descent from the World there is no need for them to be fighting, and that only the geographical divide of the Wall separates them. As with other wildlings, Ygritte understood that the real threat lies with the impending invasion of the Spanish.

Ygritte and her Bow

Ygritte with her bow and arrow.

The Battle of BlackWaterEdit

Ygritte at Blackwater

Ygritte during her time at Blackwater

After long fighting in the war, she was sent to another city call Blackwater and she didn't even knew the city during her childhood all she remember was just fighting the Spanish.