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Ishmael Venables

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Venables & Wellington Entertainment

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June 8, 1746

Chapter I: The Agent and the CourierEdit

It was a foggy morning in Nassau as Peter Plankwrecker and his slaves were handling some cabbage from the vineyard as his wife was cooking some breakfast for him and his son. "It's a little bit foggy huh sir? "The servant replied, "Yes Peter, it is, and by that time we will have taken care of these cabbages and they will have been shipped to Port Royal so they could sell these for good money!" said Peter. His wife Jennifer Plankwrecker came out of the house holding her son as she shout "Peter, Breakfast!" Then she quickly returned to the house as Peter told the slaves to continue the work. As he sat down on his finest chair, he began to eat his breakfast. As his wife finished eating her breakfast, a Spanish soldier walked out of the guest room and asked "What time is it?", "It's 10:00 AM now, Corporal." Jennifer said.

In response, the Corporal grabbed his rifle and hat as he began to run toward the jungle, while Peter looked at the soldier running away from his farm. Jennifer came with a basket of clothes so she could begin to clean the laundry for her family, Jennifer spoke "Hopefully the war will end soon by Christmas", as Peter began to teach his son to walk. "Maybe so my dear, hopefully the British will end it soon enough." His son attempted to walk as Peter taught him carefully. Then an hour later he began to get on his horse and took notice of his wife. "My dear! Where are you going?" "I'll be back soon enough, I'm going to meet a old friend at the bar". Later, a t the bar called Venables Bar, a young lady was cleaning up a few drinks from some Spanish officers, when Peter came in and saw some officers getting drunk and laughing about jokes. Caternia Venables saw Peter and asked "Hello Peter, been a long time." "Yes it has, Caternia. How is the family doing?" Peter answered back. Then Peter sat down on the wooden chair as he fixed his hair. Caternia then cames by and hand him a fine rum to drink, "The children are doing good, and Ishmael has been out at sea for long time, killing many Spanish in the ocean", As he took a sip of his drink and looked at the town drunk, the mate started yelling til Mr. Scott, one of Caternia employers, tried to tell him to leave the tavern at once. He started to punch him until Mr. Scott accidentally spilled a drink on a Captain, and the Captain angrily got up and shouted at Mr. Scott.

Peter ran to Mr. Scott's aid as he helped the Captain to clean his uniform. However, one of the Spanish lieutenant aim his flintlock toward Peter's head and replied to him, "Let go of the Captain now..."

Peter began to loosen his hands as the captain ordered his lieutenant to hurt this civilian at once. As they shoved Peter and Mr. Scott to the ground, they began to beat them up until the captain ordered them to be arrested and charged for assault. As the Lieutenant arrested Mr. Scott and Peter, Caternia said " Don't worry Peter, I'll let your wife know and your father also!" Peter replied "Thank you Caternia." After a few hours later the Spanish soldiers and the lieutenant finally let Peter out but, strangely, not Mr. Scott. Peter yelled "Wait! Where are you taking him?" One of the Lieutenants began to laugh at Peter and told hiim "Don't worry mate, he will be taken care of."

Peter was still in shock about Mr. Scott as he went to home to see his family. Then as he entered the door he walked in and he gave himself a moment to see his wife and his son. His reunion was cut short as he saw his father sitting down the chair with his son, watching him play with some toys. He got up and shook Peter's hand and hugged him. "Thank God, you're alright son!" "Yes father I understand about this," Peter answered. "Now listen, soon there's going to be a trial for you and Mr. Scott on the incident from the tavern, but that won't happen with you or Mr. Scott", his father replied. Peter accepted a drink from his wife as he poured some of the finest whiskey for him and his father to drink.

"Now give me my bloody drink, son!" he chuckled as he looked down at his son. "Listen there grandson, you know your grandpa has a gift for you!" He pulled something out of his pocket and revealed a toy soldier as he handed it to Peter's grandson.

"Isn't that a nice gift for my son, father!" Answered Peter. "And which day will the trial start?"

"The trial will start on Sunday once we meet with Major Sampson" Plankwrecker said.

Early at night, Peter was in bed with his wife while his wife laid her head on him and whisper " I am scared because I think I will lose you and our child." Peter quietly responded "Shhh, it will be okay my dear. I'll be here for you and our child because I love you both". During at night, he woke up, gathered a few cabbages and placed them in the bag. He grabbed his shoes on and placed a hat on himself. He silently walked down to a secret forest and he got on the boat and row himself with the cabbage in the bags as he did it during the night.

As he arrive on shore in Bahamas, he sightly see a dock and place a rope to make sure his boat wouldn't be gone so he get up and grab a bag of cabbage. He walk down til a stranger tackle him and said "Why you are no good to be dead" Peter chuckle and gets up and replies back "Christopher Warhawk, it's bloody to see you again!"

"Bloody right, Peter!, how's things with the kids and wife?" Chris replied to Peter as he stored his Buck knife away.

"Oh, you know, Jennifer and Jack are doing quite well. He's getting big and bigger." Peter said.

Chris handed him a drink as he saluted and said "Here's to the war! And maybe God save us!" He sipped it as Peter began to cough for the first time and drank a different cider. He and Chris sat down at the dock talking about good old times with him and Ishmael when they were younger.

The next day few of the civilians found out that the Spanish Captain was killed and his throat was slit by a murderer.

Peter was on his way back to Nassau when a group of British patrol ships came by and surrounded Peter's ship. The officer said "Halt in the name of King George the II, you are hereby under arrest for trespassing on His Majesty's domain. Come aboard at once!" Peter nodded to them and got on board as the guard proceeded to knock him out with a rifle.

At Port Royal's Prison, Peter was sitting down in the cell when the guard started to mock him and torture him by drowning him in a bucket of water in order to get information. However, a officer in a shiny blue uniform came down and ordered the guards to be away at once. "Well, well old friend", the man told him. He patted his shoulder and said "its been too long." Peter turn around and see his childhood friend Ishmael in a blue uniform with a British Dragoon hat, as Peter, in disbelief, hugged him and put a fresh new shirt on.

"I wish to know what your illegal trade contract was." Ishmael said. "I won't tell you about them Mel. Why are you here?" Peter said to Ishmael. "I am here to ask you the favor of spying on the Imperial Spanish. I am here to recruit you to be our spy."

"I'm not sure about it Mel. I mean, you're one of his majesty finest officers and your father is in history!" Peter said.

"Fight for what you believe in Peter, trust me." Ishamel said whilst patting his shoulder.

Back at Nassau, One of the lieutenants who previously aimed the pistol at Peter went to Caternia's house and he knocked at Caternia's door. Then Caternia replied to the door while holding her daughter Margeant.

"May I help you, Lieutenant?" Caternia said softly. "Yes ma'am, have you see Mr. Plankwrecker today?"

"No I haven't, why lieutenant?" Caternia replied back.

"You know Mr. Scott is gone to Spain to serve as his Majesty's slave. Now I am a Captain after my Captain was killed by someone who slit his throat with a knife!", the Captain told her.

While heading back to Town, Peter begin to use a knife as he pushes it deeply to make his head wound, so that he could act like he was mug. As he walk to the town and see the town drunk and ask for his help. The suspected town drunk begin to run away.Peter is walking down with a fake limp and notice everyone has their eyes on him. The town drunk reappear and bring Diego and the dagos to Peter.

Chapter II: The Judge, the Jury and the ExecutionerEdit

Once Diego brought Peter in, Peter's Father walked to him and unloose him and said" This is outrage, Major I must ask you to release my son!" James said to the Major.

Major Hewlett was writing some few papers and said "Mr. Plankwrecker, where were you when the Captain was killed?", Peter couldn't spit out about the British and what Ishmael told him he once heard what he said "Fight for what you believe in".

"Ah yes, I believe I was with the rebels sir, and they captured me when I was on a trade in black market, so they took me away".

"Can you tell me their name?" Hewlett said.

"Yes sir, the name were Roger Steel, Jackie Axes, and Ivan Revnoz" Peter said to the Major, "Good, we will search for them. In the meantime go home and see your family". Hewlett said to Peter.

"Also Captain, please escort Mr. Plankwrecker out of the building without any harm" Hewlett said to the Captain while he was still working on the papers.

The captain saluted and said "God save King Clemente," he grab Plankwrecker arm while he escort him out he said" You know you will be still the suspect of the good captain murder".

At the Venables Mansion, Peter snuck in the Barn and signaled to Caternia. Caternia nod as she goes in the barn as Peter grab her til the Spanish private scout the area. Peter gives her the money, a debt that he gave to her and Mr. Scott, "It's a debt for Mr. Scott and you", "Oh my, where did you get this money?" Caternia asked to Peter. "it's nothing, I saw Chris" "What? Did you!?, how is he?" "He is good, he unshaved also, been in the black market long time and I saw your husband Ishmael." Caternia gasped softly as she covered her mouth, "How's my husband doing?" She said to Peter, "He doing good, he's likes a Major of his Majesty Dragoon now", "And he asked me something" Peter said. "He recruited me to be their spy to spy the Spanish, I won't do it" he says, "Why not?" Caternia ask, disappointed. "What are you waiting for? What more do they need to take from us?" She leaves without taking his money.

That night, Peter dresses for his dinner with Hewlett. "Whatever you're doing, don't," Jennifer says while holding their one-year-old son Jack. "We can't afford to lose you."

Peter dines with his father and Hewlett at Peter's childhood home. Hewlett proposes that rather than imprisoning Peter, they have him swear a public oath to the crown. Hewlett embraces the idea, then asks Peter for the names of his enemy captors which he forgot. Peter provides several names. Hewlett grows suspicious of the names but remains silent. Hewlett then mentions that Diego will be raiding a Driftwood safe house.

After dinner, Abe sneaks into Hewlett's room and finds a dispatch from André. Using a Cardan grille he finds with the letter, he deciphers a message: "Rebel safe house. Driftwood. Show no quarter."

Peter sprints over to Venables's Tavern and pulls Caternia aside in the cellar, away from prying eyes. He asks her to hang a black petticoat from her laundry line as a signal to Ben that he has intel for the rebels. Peter says his plan will get rid of Diego, who continues to harass Caternia. Peter then scrambles to hide as Diego enters the room. Caternia distracts Diego by flirting with him and they leave the room together.

The next day, Caternia hangs a black petticoat on her peg line. Peter arrives at a designated meeting spot and is surprised to discover that Chris is Ishmael's courier. Chris explains that Peter passed their test when he refused to turn him over to Mel. Peter insists his spying is a one-time deal. "Hold on!, relax Peter nobody doesn't but Caternia does she won't tell anyone, she's a good girl trust me, and me don't worry I'm in the 95th Regiment 1st Battalion, Goldtimbers boys are gonna wait for soon enough" Chris said to Peter while hugging him. "now it's a time to tell me." Peter nod and tell him "Spanish squad will ambush at the driftwood hide out place".

On the Nassau Beaches, Peter places his hand on a bible held by his father and publicly swears his allegiance to King Carlos Clemente.

Meanwhile, Diego leads a squad of Dagos to the driftwood safe house. They charge inside, only to find it empty. A moment later, British Redcoats ambush them. As Dragoons pour onto them, Ishmael and Richard lead the charge to slaughter the other dagos Afterwards, a wounded Diego writhes on the ground, Chris aim his Flintlock at Diego and said" Captain Diego?".

"Who are you?!, and where did you come from?" He asked while wounded. "A place you might called Nassau" Chris Chuckle and kicks him unconscious.

Richard places his Ranger bonnet on a Spanish corpse as a warning message to any Spanish. Caleb expresses guilt over letting Diego live, given that Peter's sole request was for them to kill Diego. "We will, after we pull the truth out of him," Ishmael says, intent on uncovering the mole in their ranks.

After the crowd who witnessed Peter's oath breaks up, Peter's father tells Peter he knows he lied about the names of his rebel captors. "I'm done protecting you," he says. As Peter watches his father walk off to meet Hewlett, Peter's son, Jack, takes his first steps before steadying himself by grabbing Peter's leg.

Chapter III: The TraitorEdit

Back at Nassau, a man wearing a British officer uniform begs Miss Venables for a drink then she came to him with a drink and said, "Yes Mr.?" "Bart, Bartholomew Swordfury at your service!"

At the site of the ambush in the Driftwood forest, Lieutenant orders his men to collect the bodies of the officers and bury the remaining Dagos corpses nearby. He finds the Queen's Ranger bonnet that Mel placed on one of the bodies.

At the Plankwrecker farm, Peter awakes to find Jennifer in the middle of sleep prayers, praying for the safety of their family and crop. Jennifer suggests they move in with Peter's father. Peter refuses to consider the idea and insists they'll have enough money once he sells the remaining cabbage.

Jennifer looks out the window and sees their shed is on fire. Peter runs outside, but it's too late: The shed is quickly consumed by flames, along with the cabbage stored inside. Peter sees two men in Guy Fawkes masks on horseback galloping away.

Peter came back in the house as he wife held his son. "Those animals have burned the shed and I'll have to speak with my father about it."

"Are you sure, after what you said about the ideas?" Jennifer said.

"I'll see what I could do, my love." Peter replied as he gave his wife a kiss on the cheek.

The next day, Peter visits his father and admits that he lied about rebels taking his money in the Sound. He says he should have accepted James's offer of help and hands over the money he hid before coming back to town. Relieved that his son is innocent, James confides to Peter that he's drawn up a list of suspects in Captain's murder, and that Caternia is his top suspect.

At Venables Tavern, Caternia serves Peter a rum to celebrate the ambush in Driftwood and Diego's presumed demise. Peter warns her that his father suspects her in Captain's murder. Caternia offers to look through Diego's belongings, which are still in her house from Diego's time being quartered there, for evidence that will exonerate her.

In a Caribbean jail on the Port Royal, Mel and Chris debate letting Diego live. Mel hopes to learn the identity of the mole in the Great Britain army, but Chris doubts Diego knows anything. Inside a grimy cell, a militia thug tries to extract a musket ball from Diego's leg. When Ishmael enters, Diego predicts that Ishmael eventually plans to kill him and refuses to answer any questions.

In a Spain theater, Mark Ironskull meets with Robert Rogers during a comedic pantomime of the Gunpowder Plot being performed to celebrate Guy Fawkes Day. Ironskull hands Rogers the Ranger bonnet and warns that a British has it out for Rogers. Rogers deduces the bonnet was left by the dragoon who escaped his earlier ambush. Angered, he immediately leaves to investigate the Driftwood ambush himself.

Caternia searches through Diego's belongings and finds a hidden love letter. Later, she meets Peter by an old oak tree where they used to meet as kids and reads parts of the letter aloud. She notes that the letter reveals that the lovers' signal to meet was when the company drummer would "sound retreat."

At the Nassau church, Richard tries to convince Hewlett that Caternia killed Joyce. Hewlett says his priority is to secure the garrison, not hunt down Joyce's killer. Rogers arrives with a letter of introduction from Ironskull. Hewlett welcomes the "famed" Rogers and sends Richard away.

Rogers explains that he's tracking down the soldier who left the Ranger bonnet and rebukes Hewlett for the shoddy investigation at the ambush scene. He then demands to see the bodies of the officers from the Driftwood raid.

In the tavern cellar, Hewlett shows Rogers the barrels in which the bodies of the three fallen officers from the ambush are being kept. A fourth barrel holds Captain's body, but Hewlett insists Joyce's death is unrelated to the ambush. Rogers disagrees and decides to look deeper into Captain Joyce's murder.

In the jail, Ishmael apologizes for Diego's rough treatment and tries to ply information out of Diego with wine and conversation. Simcoe sees through his scheme and mocks the British cause. Angered, Chris beats Diego with his own brand of interrogation.

Back in Nassau, Rogers approaches Peter and James at the village's bonfire celebration for Guy Fawkes Day, introduces himself to Peter, and offers to buy them a round of drinks.

In Venables Tavern, Rogers says he suspects Joyce's death is connected to the Driftwood ambush on Joyce's men. He then shows them a commemorative Guy Fawkes Day silver coin he earned for his service to the crown during the Great Law Brigade and EITC War, inscribed with the motto "He who conceals himself is detected." As Caternia serves them drinks, Rogers asks her to join them. Peter asks Caternia to show Rogers the love letter she found in Joyce's room, and postulates that Joyce was killed by a jealous husband. "Let's ask Captain Joyce," Rogers says.

In the cellar, Rogers pulls Joyce's pickled body from its barrel. In addition to the cut across Joyce's throat, Rogers finds a second stab wound in Joyce's lower back, which he surmises means Joyce trusted his killer and had his back turned when he was attacked. After coming up with a list of female villagers who work and live within earshot of where the company drummer regularly signals, they narrow it down to two possible suspects: Clara ...and Caternia.

Back outside at the bonfire celebration, Rogers orders the company drummer, Ensign Clayton, to sound retreat as they observe Clara. She doesn't react to the drummer. Neither does Caternia. However, Peter notices Robeson freeze at the sound. Peter later confronts Robeson and tells him to meet him "where you killed Joyce" at midnight.

In the forest, Peter shows the town drunk the love letter. The Town Drunk admits he killed Joyce after Joyce blamed him for starting the tavern brawl that got him dismissed by Hewlett. He also admits to torching Peter's shed to fuel the town's hatred against Petee, of whom he intends to make a scapegoat.

Robeson then turns and whistles, and Ensign Clayton emerges from the darkness and attacks Abe. Abe screams, "Major!" Rogers jumps out and kills Clayton, then confronts a terrified Robeson, who pleads for his life.

Rogers informs Robeson that in exchange for letting him live and not revealing his buggery with Joyce to the townspeople, he will serve as Rogers' eyes and ears in Setauket. Rogers then makes Abe give his word that he'll keep the arrangement with Robeson a secret and let him know if Robeson tries to flee, and gives Abe the Guy Fawkes silver coin for his trouble.

Chris and Ishmael interrogate Simcoe but still get no answers. Diego threatens them. Angered, Chris decides to kill Diego. Ishamel says he'll do it himself and goes for his weapon. Goldtimbers rushes in. Goldtimbers apologizes to Diego for his ill treatment and orders Ishmael to report to Fort Dundee to face disciplinary charges.

After having a drink with Ironskull again, A Actress asks Ironskull where his next mission will be. He reveals he has just completed his mission: recruiting a young agent. He asks his new honey trap if she's ever been to Nassau.

Concerned for Caternia's safety, Peter meets her at the oak tree. "I've seen that a signal can be detected, no matter how secret it is," he says, imploring her to stop hanging petticoats for Chris. He also informs her that Diego's body was not found at the Driftwood ambush site. He concludes by telling her "I won't risk you further. It is too dangerous for us to meet, or even see each other," and leaves her standing alone in the forest.

Chapter IV: Of Cabbages and Kings Part IEdit

In northern Padres, Ishmael, Chris, Bartholomew and Goldtimbers lead a military convoy on a ride to Fort Dundee. A bound Diego rides in a cart, guarded by militiamen. The procession encounters a stream of Continental refugees and learn that Fort Dundee has been taken by the Spanish and that General Smith may have been captured.

At Plankwrecker Farm, Richard shows Abe the route they will take together for a business trip: Nassau to Tortuga, via Bay and the Brookland.

A leaning farmer agrees to billet Goldtimbers and his men for the night. Ishmael again pitches the need for spies in Nassau and others, but Goldtimbers rejects his proposal for a rogue operation.

Ishmael quietly pulls Chris aside and orders him to visit Peter in Nassau and gather new intelligence.

At a Spanish checkpoint in ship bay, Richard informs a Spanish regular that he and Peter are on their way to New York on a selling trip to provide pork to Spanish soldiers. While their buyers' bona fide documents are verified, Richard warms up to Peter and suggests he resume his law studies. Peter shoots down the idea and reassures Richard he can provide for his family.

Chris tells the militiamen guarding Diego—brothers Quill, Eben and Newt—that he's riding ahead to scout. After he leaves, Eben suggests Chris is deserting and worries that they're fighting for the losing side.

As they arrive at the Tortuga docks, Richard reminds Peter that the Royal Army now controls the town and docks. He pins a red ribbon to Peter's lapel and says it will instantly indicate their allegiance to the Loyalists. After stepping off the boat, Richard and Peter are immediately propositioned by a pair of prostitutes. Colonel Sampsons, Richard's contact in the Spanish Commissary Department, hails them, and Richard introduces Peter as his son and new business representative.

A nervous whaleboat sailor drops Chris off in a secluded cove on the shoreline. Chris tells him to stay put until he returns.

At Venables Manor, Caternia sees a black petticoat hanging from the clothesline along with a few pieces of straw from her barn. When she goes to the barn expecting to find Abe, Chris surprises her instead. Caleb is chagrined to learn Peter is away in Tortuga. Caternia offers to collect intelligence, but Chris declines, saying it's "men's work." In a huff, Caternia asks what happened to Diego, and Chris admits he and Mel let him live. Upset by the news, Caternia kicks him out of the barn.

In Tortuga, Richard and Peter dine with Colonel Sampsons in the mansion Cook has appropriated from rebel sympathizers. After rejects Richard's asking price for pigs, Peter proposes a scheme by which Cook would profit from reselling the pigs to a quartermaster. Cook agrees and accepts Richard's price. He then asks Richard about the cauliflower that Richard acquired from "some rebel's field." Peter glares at Richard, realizing the rebel fields Sampsons refers to belong to Caternia.

Chris returns to the shoreline. The boat is gone.

In the civilians home, Ishmael, Goldtimbers, Bartholomew, and Diego dine with the farmer and his wife. Quill rushes in and reports that British militia are coming. Ishmael, Bart, Goldtimbers run outside and are ambushed by the mutinous and Quill. Eben says he's turning them over to the Spanish in exchange for pardons and money, and a shootout ensues. Ishmael and Goldtimbers run for cover inside the house.

Chapter V: Of Cabbages and Kings Part IIEdit

At Venables Farm, Jennifer is upset to learn from Ensign Baker that Peter has been frequenting Venables Tavern since Scott's arrest.

Back in the barn, Chris asks Caternia to check the wharf for unattended boats he can steal. As they chat, Chris worries that Peter will abandon the cause once he learns that Diego is still alive.

At the farmer's house, Ishmael and Goldtimbers hide in the entryway while Bart keep a eye out. Ishmael tries to sway Newt, the youngest militiaman, by saying the Spanish will destroy their town unless they are stopped. Quill shoots at the house to shut Ishmael up.

At Colonel Sampsons's mansion, Peter attacks Richard for claiming Venables's cauliflower crop and trying to sell it. Richard orders Peter to take responsibility for his family. Peter points out that he honored Richard's responsibilities when he wed Jennifer, then storms out.

Outside, Peter casts his red ribbon to the ground and walks aimlessly until he finds himself at King's College, his law school alma mater, which is now being used as a military hospital. As he stares at a Spanish flag on a flagpole, Peter flashes back to a daytime scene that includes the sounds of shouting, marching feet, and musket fire, envisioning a pool of blood gathering at his feet.

Nearby, a group of Portugal soldiers is making some sauerkraut. Peter stops to chat with them and learns that the Spanish troops are preparing to stand down for winter. On the pretense of wanting to deliver them some cabbage, Peter also learns that a brigade of 1,500 Hessians will be marching to Raven Cove, or Isla Perdida.

In Nassau, Caternia scans the wharf for a boat for Chris. Jennifer pulls Caternia aside and confronts her about Peter, telling her she can continue sleeping with him as long as they are discreet. Caternia denies they are having an affair, then tells Jennifer that Peter never had affair with Caternia so he could wed her, an idea hatched by Richard after Jennifer's original fiance—Peter' brother—died.

At the farmer's house, Ishmael, Bart and Goldtimbers announce their surrender, exiting the house with their hands up. Ishmael and Bart then whip out their guns and shoots one of the traitor and are dead. They recapture Diego after the "surrender".

That night, Caternia meets Chris in her barn and tells him there are three Spanish sentries posted at the docks. To their surprise, Peter shows up and shares the intelligence he gathered from the Portugal. "It's gold!" Chris exclaims. Chris starts to tell Peter about Diego, but Caternia interrupts him and tells Peter that Diego is dead.

Later that night, Chris swims to a boat moored at the dock and hides under a tarp.

At the farmer's house, General Goldtimbers informs Ben that he's received word that the. General is safe. He executes Eben and orders Ishmael to shoot Newt or he will face a court martial. Ishmael refuses and says he'll face the court martial, insisting Newt was strong-armed by his older brothers. Goldtimbers gave Bart the gun Bart shoots Newt dead.

Caternia distracts the dock sentries with free ale while two Spanish sailors unwittingly row Chris out into the Sound. Chris leaps out with his gun, forces the sailors overboard, and escapes.

Back on shore, Caternia and Peter see that their escape plan for Chris worked. They exchange knowing smiles.

Chapter VI: Eternity How LongEdit

In the Nassau church cemetery, Peter, Justin, Mary and Richard gather at the grave of Peter's mother, Mary, for a memorial.

Nearby, Spanish flog the waterfront sentries, including Ensign Baker, as Hewlett admonishes them for letting a scout (Chris) escape. Convinced that the scout portends a rebel attack, he contemplates ways to bolster the garrison and eyes the gravestones.

At the British Army's flying camp, Chris gives Peter's report on the Portugal' impending march to to Ishmael, noting that Peter came through.

In the church, Hewlett outlines his plan to use cemetery gravestones to fortify the garrison. Richard objects, calling it a desecration. Hewlett gives him three days to decide on ten gravestones to be removed.

Ishmael presents Peter's report to Goldtimbers and urges him to share the intelligence with General Daggersteel. When Ishamel and Chris refuse to reveal their source (Peter), Goldtimbers dismisses the intelligence as unsigned and unverified and burns the report.

At Whitehall, Peter warns Richard that the town will turn against him if he helps Hewlett remove family gravestones. He urges Richard to allow the town to turn against Hewlett. Richard ignores his advice.

In a boarding room in a Port Royal tavern, John André and Julia rehearse Julia's cover as Iris, a tavern wench. André reassures her that her target will not suspect her.

That night, in the same tavern boarding room, a woman entraps General Luther , the British spy that provided the tip about the Driftwood safe house where Hewlett's men were ambushed. André takes captive.

At home, Sarah kisses Peter and says she wants another child. When Peter withdraws, Sarah asks what'a troubling him. He agrees to tell her as long as she keeps it secret.

The next day, Sarah performs quilting work with a group of women at the Scudder home. As they gossip, Sarah is tricked into revealing Peter's secret about the gravestones.

André questions Luther at a safe house without revealing that he is the British contact that Luther has been sending his intelligence to. Luther mentions supplying the Spanish with the location of the safe house, and when André says the men sent to the safe house were ambushed, Luther insists he knew nothing about the attack. Convinced of Luther's sincerity, André reveals his identity.

At the Plankwrecker farm, Peter looks out the window and sees a mob of townspeople heading toward Whitehall. Sarah admits that she let the news about the removal of the gravestones slip.

Led by Maarten Dejong, the mob arrives at Peter's father house to confront Richard. Richard promises no stones will be taken without family consent. Momentarily placated, the crowd disperses. Richard crumples a list of ten gravestones he had already drawn up.

Knowing that Scott only reads the first page of intelligence reports, Chris suggests tucking Peter's report inside another report in order to smuggle it to Daggersteel.

Richard visits Lucy Scudder and asks her to donate a gravestone to inspire other families. She refuses, calling Hewlett's plan a bad idea.

Dejong visits Peter at the farm and threatens to harm Richard and his business. Peter punches him and defends Richard.

Ishmael and Chris fabricate a scouting report and fold Peter's intelligence inside. Goldtimbers reads the first page of the fake scouting report and declares it worthy of passing onto Daggersteel. To Ishmael's relief, Goldtimbers does not notice Peter's report tucked inside.

Peter informs Sarah he's going to Whitehall to tell Richard something that will put a stop to the gravestone business.

At the safe house, André says he came by Luther's letter to King George the II, in which he expresses doubts about Goldtimbers's suitability as commander. André proposes a plan in which Luther "heroically escapes" and parlays his hero status into a role as the new commander of the Continental Army. After assuming command, Luther would then urge the British to surrender. Lee entertains the idea.

At Whitehall, Richard acknowledges to Peter that Hewlett's plan is "folly." Peter counsels Richard to call Hewlett's bluff and lead the townspeople against him, rationalizing that Hewlett doesn't want to lose Nassau. Richard embraces Abe's words and likens him to his wife Mary.

Peter's report is delivered to Washington's headquarters and placed on a large table that is stacked high with other reports.

As the Spanish distribute pickaxes and shovels for gravestone removal, Dejong distributes muskets to the townspeople.

The Dagos and townspeople face off in the cemetery. Richard intervenes and invokes God, urging the townspeople to make sacrifices "just as God sacrificed his own son to save us all." The townspeople murmur as Richard starts digging up Thomas' gravestone. Abe watches, appalled. The townspeople follow suit and start digging up their family gravestones. Dejong apologizes to Peter and Richard.

Hewlett smugly watches everyone dig. He tells Lt. Appleton that if it's so hard for the townspeople to dig up their family gravestones, it will be even harder for the rebels from the same region to fire on the stones. "This is how you tame a colony," Hewlett says. "Not through battle, but through winning their hearts and minds."

Chapter VII: EpiphanyEdit

As Christmas Eve is celebrated around Nassau, Richard signs an attainder against Mr. Scott, which Hewlett then has posted at Venables Manor. Caternia reads it and zeroes in on one of the included phrases: "...grants freedom to his slaves."

Cicero (son of Abigail, Caternia's housemaid) reads the attainder and tells the slaves that they're free. They celebrate.

Outside the church, Peter glares at the excavated headstones. One of them is from his brother Thomas' grave.

The next day, Peter visits Richard, and there is lingering tension between them over the removal of the gravestones. Peter tells Richard he wants to go to New York to try and sell additional goods to Caesar's army, and asks for Colonel Cook's letter that will allow him to pass through Spanish checkpoints. Richard refuses to give it to him, and instead encourages Peter to spend Christmas with his family.

Afterwards, Peter sneaks into Hewlett's room and copies a letter from Hewlett's desk.

At the church, Caternia appeals the attainder to Hewlett, arguing that it's cruel to free slaves on short notice because they don't know how to fend for themselves. Hewlett tells her he's shipping the male slaves off to war and has made arrangements for Abigail.

Jordan, a slave, flirts with Abigail at Venables Manor. She rebuffs him. He says he knows she can read, but agrees to keep her secret safe.

Robert Rogers visits John Andre at City Hall, asking to speak with the general that Andre reportedly captured. Andre dodges his request.

At the British camp, Ishmael is told to gear up for a secret mission. He and Chris sail into sea and, to their surprise, find themselves amid an entire fleet.

At Venables Manor, Anna tells Abigail that Hewlett is sending her to New York to work for a British officer. Abigail begs Anna to help her bring Cicero, but Anna says her pleas with Hewlett failed.

Outside, Peter tells Caternia that the Spanish are recalling General Sailward to Madrid. He asks her to hang a black petticoat so that he can pass the intelligence on to Chris. Discouraged by the attainder, Caternia tells him the fight is over and goes inside.

As Ishmael and Chris's boat approaches shore, the boat tips, and the swivel gun mounted on the side nearly falls off. Ishamel jumps overboard to save it and is immediately stunned by the icy water.

Ishmael drifts in and out of consciousness as Chris watches over him. When Ben finally awakens, it's the new year, and Chris tells him the men have marched on to French Island.

Rogers sneaks into City Hall and crashes a dinner between Philomena and General. Lee recognizes Rogers and introduces him to "Miss Endicott" as a hero of the Paradoxian War.

On the Plankwrecker farm, Mary prepares to go to Whitehall, where Richard is celebrating the feast of the Epiphany. She says Thomas has the croup and would benefit from the warmth and servants at Whitehall. Still angry with Richard over the headstones, Peter does not join her.

Hewlett informs the male slaves of Strong Manor that they will join the war effort in Spain, after which they'll receive papers granting their freedom.

Abigail says goodbye to Cicero and urges him to keep his reading skills a secret. She then tells Anna she knows about the petticoat signal and the rebel schemes with Peter and Chris. She offers to spy on her future employer, Major John Andre, if Caternia protects Cicero while she's away. Caternia agrees.

Caternia visits Peter to tell him that Abigail knows what they've been doing. Drunk on whiskey, Petee yells at Caternia for her earlier pessimism. She goes to storm out, but Petee kisses her. She stop the kiss. Baker interrupts them and bluntly recommends that Peter join his family at Whitehall.

In the French Island, Ishmael, and Chris run into British militia and learn that the army successfully ambushed the Portugal soldiers. "Plankwrecker!" Ben yelps, realizing that Breasly heeded Peter's report. A militiaman tells them that Goldtimbers led most of the soldiers onward to Padres but left a small group behind to act as decoys. The group sets several fires along the bank of the creek, then runs about and makes a lot of noise to give the impression that a much larger force is encamping for the night.

Across the creek, Lieutenant recommends to Sailward that they attack the rebels now. Sailward, believing Goldtimbers's entire force is on the opposite bank, decides against a night attack.

Back at City Hall, Robert criticizes Breasly for getting so many of his men killed. "At least he isn't a traitor like you," Rogers says, confronting the general for betraying the Green dragoons. He then asks for the name of the dragoon who escaped. "Ishmael Venables," Lee readily says.

The next morning, Sailward raids the opposite bank, only to find it abandoned.

Caternia comforts Cicero as he cries.

In Spain , Jordan sees Abigail pass in a fancy carriage. They exchange looks.

Peter is welcomed by his family at Whitehall, where they dine with Hewlett and other Dagos.

At British headquarters in Fort Dundee soldiers chant, "Driftwood, Port Royal! India is ours again!" and cheer as King George II enters the room.

John Breasly proceeds into a study, where Mel awaits. "Now, just who is Peter Plankwrecker?" Breasly asks.

Chapter VIII: Mr. Venables Sr. Edit

An unidentified man sits at a desk and writes on a leaf of paper. "Scenario 37: Agent to agent transfer," he begins.

In an imagined scenario, Peter enters a Spanish officers' retreat. An agent disguised as a British officer furtively hands a hard-boiled egg to Peter.

Outside, Peter slips the egg into a full basket of eggs. A Dago abruptly stops him, demands to buy an egg, and grabs the basket. Some of the eggs drop to the ground and crack, including Peter's egg. Spotting a secret message written on the hard-boiled egg, the soldier seizes Peter, and Peter is wounded in the struggle.

The unidentified man crumples the paper. "Try, try again," he mutters.

In a field, British and Spanish soldiers peacefully exchange POWs. The group of Dagos POWs includes Diego, who limps toward a waiting carriage.

At his Padres headquarters, Breasly dictates a letter to General Sailward indicting the barbaric treatment of Beitish prisoners aboard the prison ships in Spain Harbor.

As Mel and Goldtimbers await Breasly, Goldtimbers looks forward to hearing how Breasly will punish Mel for insubordination. Breasly arrives and together they watch a soldier get hanged for robbery ó making clear that Breasly does not suffer rule-breakers.

Breasly arrives and introduces Mel and Goldtimbers to the unidentified man who was writing the spy scenarios: Nathaniel Sackett, of the Committee to Detect and Defeat Conspiracies Against British. Sackett praises the accuracy of Peter's intelligence. Breasly asks if such intelligence can be gathered again.

Driving a horse-drawn cart, Peter pulls up to a city checkpoint and tells a Spanish officer that he's delivering hogs to Colonel Cooke at the commissary. The officer waves him through, but warns him that because of the recent British victories, other checkpoint officers may be wary of lone travelers.

Back at Breasly's headquarters, Goldtimbers insists that intelligence should only be gathered by trained soldiers. Sackett disagrees, believing civilians make more discreet spies. Breasly orders Goldtimbers, Sackett and Mel to explore the viability of Mel's "spy chain" idea and come back to him with a recommendation.

As he travels through a woodland stretch between checkpoints, Peter passes a single Dago walking down the road. Hearing what sounds like gunfire,Peter leaps from his seat and takes cover behind the cart. "Don't worry -- I got ya," the Redcoat says, as he points his gun at Peter. The soldier pistol whips Peter, tosses him in the back of the cart, and hijacks it. As they trot away, they pass the source of the gunfire sounds: exploded casks of gunpowder in a small campfire.

As Abigail sets the table at John Andre's residence, Andre wraps his arms around her to demonstrate European table-setting and eating customs. The former POWs arrive as Andre's house guests, and Abigail holds her breath as she recognizes Diego among them. Andre asks Abigail to show the men to their rooms.

In Spain, Jordan and other Black Pioneers rake up debris from a large fire at the "Holy Ground" brothels. Titus and Barney, both Queen's Rangers and free blacks, stroll up. "Liberty never smelled so sweet," Titus says as he kicks Jordan's pile of debris over. When Jordan confronts him, Titus punches him in the face. Jordan snaps his rake into two fighting sticks, and the three square off.

Jordan briefly holds his own with some exotic fight moves, but as Titus and Barney gain the upper hand, a sharp whistle from Robert Rogers interrupts the brawl. Rogers questions Jordan about his fighting technique, and Jordan says he trained as a Maasai warrior. Rogers offers to set up a one-on-one fight between Titus and Jordan that the men can bet on.

Mel describes his spying methods to Sackett, who is shocked to learn that Ben hasn't been using dead drops or encryption. Sackett explains that British agents should be paid from a secret budget unknown to Parliament. Goldtimbers refuses to sign off on the spy chain method.

Peter is interrogated by his captor, Cyrus, who turns out to be a lone wolf Great Britain soldier. When Cyrus grills Peter for details about his business in the Caribbean, Abe insists that he's actually a British spy. Cyrus doesn't believe him.

Outside headquarters, Sackett tells Mel that Peter needs an alias to correspond with other agents. Ishamel says Peter will quit if forced to work with strangers. Sackett hands Mel an egg that he's hard-boiled then written on with alum and vinegar. Mel cracks it open and finds the message, now invisible on the eggshell, is legible on the surface of the egg.

Andre interviews one of the former POWs, Lt. Terrence, about his time in captivity. Terrence is in fact an agent from one of Nassau's scenarios: He is one of Washington's spies.

Andre next interviews Diego, who calls Nassau a pit and badmouths Major Hewlett. Andre offers to transfer Simcoe, but Simcoe says he'd like to return to a woman he met in Nassau. Abigail eavesdrops as she delivers drinks.

In the woods, Cyrus demands Peter tell him why, if he's such a King's mens, he didn't join the army. "Because you can't win," Peter replies. Cyrus begins to have an emotional breakdown and insists Peter fight him for the ribbon and papers that will allow Abe to get to Te city. "Prove you're worth more," Cyrus snarls.

As they struggle, they're interrupted when a small group of Dagos discovers Peter's wagon. Cyrus attempts to flee but is quickly surrounded. Cyrus rushes the Dagos, and they shoot him dead.

Andre entertains the POWs at dinner. As Andre proposes a toast, Terrence incorrectly recites his regiment's motto. Abruptly, Diego draws a knife, stabs Terrence dead through the neck, and declares Terrence a liar and likely spy. "I know that!" Andre screams. Seething with anger, Andre says he planned to try to turn Terrence into a double agent. Abigail, standing just outside the dining room, listens in.

Washington reconvenes with Ben, Sackett and Scott. Scott insists on continuing to use traditional reconnaissance methods. Ben disagrees and tells Washington that his spy chain will work, but only with mutual trust, which they currently lack. He again asks how Breasky obtained Peter's name. Breasly asks to speak with Mel alone.

Jordan and Titus fight on a stage. The crowd cheers as Jordan uses his Maasai moves to win the fight. Afterwards, Rogers welcomes Jordan into the Queen's Rangers.

As Jordan walks away, Awasos pushes throughout the crowd. Speaking in Abenaki, he tells Rogers that a man who knows Ishmael Venables has come forward and reported that Ishmael's brother, Nikolai, is being held on board the prison ship.

Breasly finally tells Ben that he obtained Abe's name from one of his spies: James Hale, who was Mel's friend at Royal Navy Academy and recently hanged by the Spanish. He then gives Peter an alias: Mr. Venables Sr.

Peter tells one of the Dagos officer that Cyrus was wearing Peter's clothes because he was planning on assuming Peter's identity and escaping into the city. The Dagos tells Peter that lone travelers are no longer being allowed into New York and that Abe cannot continue on alone.

As Abigail cleans up Terrence's blood, she mentions her son's birthday to Andre. Showing kindness in the wake of the murder, Andre offers to send a gift via special courier if Abigail picks it out.

After assigning Goldtimbers to the war front, Washington promotes Ishmael to Major and puts him in charge of the intelligence branch. Breasly asks Mel to pick a first name for Mr. Venables Sr.. Mel chooses Nikolai.

Chapter IX: Mercy Moment Murder MeasureEdit

Robert Rogers visits the prison ship HMS Madrid and asks for Nikolai Venables. After discovering that Nikolai died of dysentery, he asks to speak with the prisoner who knew Nikolai best. The warden brings him Mr. Scott (Caternia's Assistant), who Jordan instantly recognizes.

Chris pays Peter a surprise visit at Plankwrecker Farm. Chris notes it's been two months since Ishmael's last report, and Abe tells him he's had trouble getting into the city because of the restriction on solo travelers entering the city. Chris gives Petee a codebook to encrypt his intelligence reports, and mentions that Abe now has an alias, "Mr. Venables Sr.." "I hate it," Peter says, surprised to hear that the alias was picked by King George II himself.

At the Nassau church, Hewlett and Richard address citizen grievances. Caternia seeks parole for Scott and accuses Richard of forcing a confession so he could claim and sell Scott's land. Richard denies Caternia's request.

On the HMS Madrid, Mr. Scott gobbles down some food and tells Rogers he's known Nikolai and Ishmael his entire life. Rogers asks Selah if he'd like to go home.

Ensign Baker delivers a package to Caternia at Venables Tavern, which she's been forced to sell to Maarten DeJong. Caternia gives Cicero the package, sent by an officer, which contains a birthday hat that Abigail knit.

Peter stops by the tavern, and Caternia is taken aback when he tells her he's going to the city to sell her cauliflower crop in the city. He asks if she'll accompany him, posing as his wife, so that he can get through checkpoints.

Cicero gives Caternia a note that Abigail hid in the hat: "Diego Alive - Returned Nassau this Monday." Peter angrily asks why Diego is alive, despite what Chris told him. Caternia admits she covered up Diego's escape so that Peter would stay loyal to the cause.

Diego steps off the boat in Nassau and heads straight to Venables Tavern. However, Baker flags him down and tells him to report to Hewlett.

At Whitehall, Diego tells Hewlett that his captors hailed from Nassau and seeks permission to conduct an inquiry into the Venables and Warhawk families. Hewlett agrees, but warns him to "tread lightly." "We must show these people that we are better than the rebels," Hewlett says.

Mary looks for Peter at Plankwrecker Farm and notices new silverware on the table. Baker reluctantly tells her it was a gift from Caternia. When prodded, he admits he saw Caternia with Peter on Epiphany. Mary cries.

Outside, Diego corners Baker and demands to know what he said to upset Mary.

Peter meets Caternia in the tavern cellar and proposes they kill Diego in a fake robbery. She dismisses the plan, saying Peter is no killer.

At Whitehall, Mary asks Richard to arrange a pardon for Scott in the hopes that his return will temper feelings between Peter and Caternia. She asks if it's true that Peter and Caternia were once in love before. Richard reassures her that Caternia was just a "childish infatuation" for Peter.

In the woods, Diego attacks Peter for "forcing himself" on Caternia at Christmas. Baker rescues Abe from a severe beating.

At Breasly's headquarters, Ishmael receives a message that his brother Nikolai has been pardoned and is being released from the HMS Madrid. Ishmael rejoices over the news that Nikolai is alive with Chris, who offers to go pick Nikolai up.

Diego and Peter are summoned to the church, where Diego tells Hewlett he attacked Peter because he thought Peter had assaulted Caternia. To Richard's dismay, Baker clarifies that Caternia told him to stop kissing. Hewlett orders Peter and Diego to shake hands, but Abe refuses and storms out.

Diego follows Peter outside and privately proposes a duel. Peter accepts.

At the tavern, Diego corners Caterina, who can barely conceal her agitation. She asks Diego to help safeguard her honor, since she is still married. Simcoe misinterprets her request and says come dawn, she'll no longer need to fear advances from "inebriated farmers."

Caterina races to Woodhull Farm to warn Peter of Diego's threat. Unable to find him, she learns from a field hand that Peter had been shooting a scarecrow with a pistol.

Caterina wakes Richard at Whitehall. He tells her Scott will be pardoned as long as he doesn't challenge the attainder, but Caternia explains she's there for a different reason: Peter is in danger.

At dawn, Peter meets Diego by the mill pond. Baker reads the duel conditions and flips a coin to determine who will shoot first. Peter wins the toss. As they stand back-to-back in preparation to walk off five paces, Diego whispers to Peter, "She's mine."

Peter shoots and misses. As Diego aims his pistol at Peter, Richard and Caterina arrive at the scene. Caterina pleads and convinces Diego to misfire. However, Peter reloads his pistol and aims at Diego. "This is about more than you!" Richard pleads. Peter pictures Thomas, Chris and Ishmael, then looks at Caterina. He lowers his gun and stalks off.

Jordan accompanies Rogers through a field on their way to ambush Ishmael, who they presume will be coming to collect his brother. Meanwhile, Chris rides his horse through the woods on the belief that he is collecting Nikolai.

The next day, Peter and Caterina set off for a city to pick up Scott and sell the cauliflower. Caterina curtly tells Peter he should have killed Diego when he had the chance.

Mary watches Peter and Caterina leave together in the wagon. A friend reassures Mary that the trip is purely business.

Chapter X: ChallengeEdit

At their inn in Tortuga, Peter wishes Caterina luck as she prepares to go to the HMS Madrid to get Scott released. She describes her plan to move to London, since she and Scott have nothing left on Nassau. She blames her predicament on Peter for ending their own rights. Peter tells Caterina some things aren't meant to be.

Chris looks for Nikolai at the POW exchange and is surprised to see Scott instead. Nearby, Robert Rogers hides in the woods, rifle at the ready, waiting for Ishmael to arrive.

The HMS Madrid warden meets Caterina on the Madrid. He looks up Scott's name in his log: "Deceased." Caterina is shocked.

Unable to wait for Chris to return with Nikolai, Ishmael leaves headquarters to greet his brother.

Scott tells Chris that Nikolai is dead and that Rogers pulled him off the prison ship. Sensing a trap, Chris throws Scott to the ground. Rogers shoots at Chris and misses, wounding a soldier. Both sides brandish weapons, and the Spanish captain, Captain Blake, takes some of his men to look for the shooter. He finds Rogers and rebukes him for firing "under the flag of truce."

Peter concludes negotiating the sale of Anna's cauliflower to Cooke and asks for suggestions for nighttime entertainment. Cooke offers to take him to a dinner at John André's house.

The Britain captain, Captain Henry, refuses to bring Scott back to camp with the rest of the Continental POWs since he is not Nikolai Venables. Chris instructs Henry to find Ishmael at camp and tell him "Genevieve."

Rogers, Jordan and Awasos hunt for Chris and Scott in the woods.

At the inn, Caterina tells Peter that Scott is dead. Seeking revenge, she insists on accompanying Peter to André's dinner. Peter refuses to take her.

In the woods, Chris tells Scott that "Genevieve" is a code word indicating a meeting point that Ishmael will understand. They duck for cover as Rogers fires on them, pinning them down.

Ishmael encounters Henry's convoy and learns that they were ambushed by Queen's Rangers. Henry conveys Chris's code word, and Ishmael takes off to find Chris and Scott.

Caterina tracks down Abigail at a market near André's house and demands help getting into André's dinner.

At DeJong Tavern, formerly Strong Tavern, Simcoe tells Robeson he's investigating a rebel conspiracy and inquires about Ishmael, Chris and Peter. Robeson advises Diego to find the rebel sympathizers by tracking down the petition for the Tortuga convention.

Abe arrives at the exclusive dinner party solo and is ushered into a room of carousing Redcoats, who are already well into a night of singing, dancing, and games including the "Who would you kill?" challenge. Cooke introduces Abe to André, whom Abe is nervous to meet.

Daniel Weir, the quartermaster who's been buying Abe's product, asks Abe for help with obtaining cordwood from rebel land. "You provide the names, we provide the attainders," Weir says.

Drawn by the sound of gunfire, Ishmael arrives at the skirmish and shoots Awasos while still on horseback. He then ducks for cover with Chris as Rogers fires back. Both sides are now pinned down and at a standoff.

At André's house, Abigail asks the corporal guarding the front door if a woman with brown hair and a coral dress came by. "She's late," Abigail says. "The Major won't be pleased." Soon after, Caterina arrives at André's door. The corporal, recognizing her from Abigail's description, lets her in.

Inside, a group of dolled-up women snicker at Anna's plain dress. Philomena tells Caterina to pay them no mind. They file into the dining room as Peter is singing a song, stopping him mid-verse as he sees Caterina is among them. The women begin to mingle with the Dagos, and Caterina sidles onto Weir's lap. As soon as he gets a chance, Peter reminds Caterina that she promised to stay behind. "Promises get broken," she says.

Blake arrives at André's house and tells André about Rogers firing on the prisoner exchange. A frustrated André tells Blake to retrieve Rogers, and grants him permission to kill Rogers if he resists.

Rogers tends to Awasos' wound. Meanwhile, Scott tells Ishmael about Nikolai's final days on the Jersey. Ishmael, cries and vows to kill Rogers for using Nikolai's name to entrap him.

Rogers remarks to Jordan that Ishmael is a good shot. "You like him," Jordan observes. "War makes brothers of us all," Rogers says.

Abigail tells Peter that Caterina plans to break into André's bedroom to find his log of war details. Meanwhile, Caterina leaves the room and invites Weir to follow her upstairs.

In the woods, Blake arrives with an envoy and declares an end to the standoff by order of John André.

Caterina sneaks into André's bedroom and discovers a book of encoded entries. Peter follows her, pushes her against a wall, and kisses her. She resists, saying he only wants her because he's jealous, but that otherwise he lives too cautiously. Weir discovers them together in the bedroom and angrily leaves. Once he's gone, Peter demands Caterina tell him where André's book is.

Returning to the dining room, Weir tells Cooke to kick Peter out. Meanwhile, Peter hurriedly transcribes a page from André's book then brusquely asks if Caterina was actually going to sleep with Weir. Cooke walks in and asks Peter to leave.

In the dining room, Cooke announces Abe's departure. The Redcoats insist Abe play "the challenge" game before leaving: Who would he kill if he could get away with it? "I would kill the man who killed my brother," Abe replies, and relays the story of how his brother was killed in a riot started by a "drunk fool" who placed a Phrygian cap on the Liberty Pole.

In the woods, Rogers tells Blake that Scott is not who he says he is. "This man is my only brother, Captain Nikolai Venables," Ishmael lies. Blake orders Rogers to report to André. Rogers and Ishmael glare at one another ó though this battle has ended, the clash between them is far from over.

At Whitehall, Diego tells Hewlett about the petition. Hewlett recalls Richard mentioning a petition that named Joseph Scott as a delegate to an illegal body. He encourages Diego to "quietly" continue his search for Setauket rebels.

Caterina finds Peter waiting in their room at the inn. "You started the riots?" she asks. "Who else knows?" "Just you," he replies.

Chapter XI: Against Thy NeighborEdit

It's the spring of 1745. Caterina follows a trail of flowers to the DeJong Tavern cellar, where she finds a letter as she read it's from her husband Ishmael. She smiles as she cries.

At the church, Diego tells Hewlett that spies have been operating under their noses. Hewlett says Diego lacks evidence and still hasn't found the Britain petition.

Hewlett feeds his beloved horse, Bucephalus, half of an apple. While Hewlett's back is turned, Diego secretly feeds Bucephalus another half of an apple. Almost immediately, Bucephalus bucks violently around the room, then collapses and writhes on the ground. Hewlett, seeing that his horse is suffering, shoots it dead.

A doctor examines Bucephalus and suspects poison. Diego suggests Hewlett was the intended target and volunteers to investigate Lucas Warhawk, who sold the apples to Hewlett.

In the Padres, Mel tells Breasly that they decoded enemy dispatches using the cipher key that Peter obtained from John Andre's residence. They learned that the Spanish are planning to attack Port Royal from the south, rather than the north as scouting reports have previously led them to believe. Breasly tells Ben to lead troops north to play into Spanish's feint while they shore up their southerly defenses.

Mary shows up unannounced at Plankwrecker Farm only to find Peter is not home. She voices her suspicions of Peter's whereabouts to Baker, who reassures Mary that Thomas is at least growing up with loving parents.

A Dago enters DeJong Tavern with Lucas in custody and tells Caterina that Hewlett has ordered the cellar to be used as a temporary jail.

At Whitehall, Richard tells Peter that Diego suspects Lucas of attempting to kill Hewlett. Richard tells Diego they should consult another expert before executing Lucas.

As they walk outside towards Peter's wagon, Richard is shot in the chest by a sniper. A small smile crosses Dieto's lips.

Back inside, Dr. Mabbs extracts the bullet from Richard. Diego reports that the sniper used a torn Bible page as wadding for his gun. Hewlett decrees that all town residents shall surrender their firearms.

The next day, the townspeople line up outside the church to surrender their guns. The crowd parts as Richard Venables - Mel's father - arrives to surrender his firearms. He bitterly remarks to Hewlett that the gun was once his.

At the tavern, rebels Walter Havens and Moses Paine meet in private. Walter urges Moses to burn the petition and meet him by his boat at moonrise.

Meanwhile, Richard Venables tells tavern patrons that the Spanish took their church, their headstones, and now their guns. "Don't you see who your real enemies are?" he says. "Spoken like a true rebel," says Diego, who was lurking outside. He arrests Richard Venables while Hannah wept away as Peter escorted her out and he said " I'll do everything I can to get Ishmael's father out", Hannah nods and thanks Peter.

At Whitehall, Hewlett tells Peter that the evidence -- the torn Bible page Diego found and a recently-fired gun -- points to Richard Venables as the sniper.

Moses visits Hewlett at Whitehall to surrender the petition. Hewlett tells Simcoe to erect the gallows and arrest everyone on the petition, including Moses. Desperate to thwart this new development, Peter offers to take the wounded Richard's place as the magistrate in the rebels' prosecution.

Chris and Scott march north with Mel's troops. Chris expresses his frustration to Mel that he couldn't meet Peter in person to relay that Scott is alive. Mel insists that dead drops are the safest communication method for everyone.

At the farm, Pete confirms to Caterina that Moses surrendered the petition but says he will help Venables and Warhawk avoid prosecution. Meanwhile, Dagos arrest the petition rebels and kill those trying to flee. Walter escapes.

The next day, townspeople fill the church for the rebels' trial. Peter interrogates Lucas with ferocity, intentionally causing the audience to take pity on Lucas.

At Whitehall, Mary looks after Richard and mentions that her marriage is still in turmoil. Richard tells her to go be with Abe at the church.

Peter interrogates Richard Venables with equal ferocity, saying the Venables grew resentful after his congregation flocked to Richard. Peter demonstrates how the Reverend shot Richard and pretends to struggle as he loads the Reverend's rifle. Diego smugly takes the rifle from Peter but finds that the bullet that pierced Richard does not fit this gun. The audience gasps including Hannah his own wife. The Richard tells the room that if a man "is not free to make up his own mind, that is the worst form of tyranny." The townspeople cheer.

At Whitehall, Hewlett tells Peter that he will show mercy on the men by sparing their lives and sentencing them to 10 years on the Madrid instead. Peter calls it the same as a death sentence and reminds Hewlett that the bullet didn't match the Reverend's rifle. Hewlett stresses that this is an opportunity to banish a group of disloyal citizens.

Mel's scouts find Walter hiding in a ditch. Walter reports that Ishmael's father and Chris's uncle have been arrested and may face death. Ishmael tells Chris to round up the whaleboats. "We're going home," he says.

At Plankwrecker Farm, Mary angrily discovers that Peter never slept at the house. Meanwhile, Thomas uncovers Peter's hidden compartment under the bedroom floorboards. Inside, Mary finds the codebook.

Chapter XII: Battle of NassauEdit

At Plankwrecker Farm, Mary pages through Peter’s codebook and spots familiar names: Nassau, King George the II, C. Warhawk.

Mel and Chris arrive on the shore. Chris is insistent that they attack immediately, but Mel decides to hold off after realizing that some of the other whaleboats, including Scott’s, were waylaid during their crossing of Sound.

Peter arrives home to find Mary there. To assuage her fears that Richard’s attacker will come for them, Peter confides that Diego shot Richard. She refuses to believe him and then questions his fidelity.

Peter awakens early the next morning. Mary is already up and dressed, expecting him to join her for a shopping trip.

On the shoreline, as Mel and Chris strategize on how to proceed with entering Nassau, the rest of the whaleboats finally arrive. In the early morning light, they're spotted by Nassau residents William Blaine and his young son, Tom, who are headed to the shore to fish. Chris knocks William unconscious, but Tom escapes on a horse.

At the church, Tom tells Diego that Mel is descending on Nassau with hundreds of soldiers. Diego retrieves the rebel prisoners from the tavern cellar, intending to hang them before Mel and the rebels arrive.

Hewlett suits up for battle and dispatches an officer to request reinforcements from Captain Floyd in Sag Harbor. He orders Richard, still recovering from his gunshot wound, to stay at Whitehall and rest for a while.

As the Dagos place Moses Paine’s head in a noose, Mel’s men charge across the field. Diego kicks out the gallows platform, hanging Paine, then takes the other prisoners to the church. Mel sees Diego holding a gun to Rev. Venables’s head and orders a retreat.

In town, Mel tells Chris to gather the townspeople and the captured Dagos in the tavern. Scott arrives with his men, announcing himself by shooting the tavern's sign, which now says DeJong Tavern rather than Venables Tavern. He strides up to Caterina, who is stunned to see him, and hug her. Peter glares at Chris, who shrugs.

As Mel follows Hewlett’s movements through his spyglass, he tells Chris to collect the Spanish stash of gunpowder from the schoolhouse.

Hewlett forbids Diego from hanging the rest of the prisoners. He peers through his spyglass and sees Chris gathering the casks of gunpowder. “You secured the prisoners but not the powder!” he hisses at Diego, ordering his men to fire cannons at the schoolhouse.

Mel and Scott learns that Caterina was forced to sell the tavern to DeJong and vows to dispute the attainder with Richard.

The Dagos fire at the schoolhouse, and it blows up in a fiery explosion. Richard arrives at the church unexpectedly, and Hewlett ushers him inside.

At the tavern, Mel orders Scott to take his men and attack Hewlett’s flank. At Mary’s prodding, Peter tells Mel they’ll never take the church garrison and will end up getting all of the prisoners killed. Mel introduces himself to Mary, who he’s never met before, and notes, “I seem to remember your husband as a much quieter man.”

Diego urges Hewlett to keep bombarding the town, but Hewlett refuses to level Nassau. Scott’s men fire at the garrison, forcing Hewlett to retreat into the church. Diego uses Rev. Venables as a human shield.

Mel enlists Peter to deliver peace terms to Hewlett, and asks Caterina to unlock the cellar so they can discuss the terms in private.

In the cellar, Peter, Ishmael, Chris, and Caterina convene. Peter angrily asks why they’re attacking Nassau, and Mel responds that they learned about the hangings and rushed there to stop them, with no time to send a warning. Mel explains that their death sentences were reduced to prison time on the Madrid, and Mel replies that Nikolai died on the Madrid and that he refuses to let his father die the same way. Caterina yells at Mel and Chris for keeping Scott’s survival a secret. Peter declares he is done spying for Mel.

Waving a white flag, Peter approaches the church. Inside, he tells Hewlett that the British are willing to trade the captured Dagos for the rebel prisoners. Diego screams at Hewlett to kill the enemy and grows even more agitated when Hewlett considers the peace terms. “All they require is proper motivation!” Diego shouts. He drags Lucas Warhawk outside, shoots and kills him, and screams at the rebel lines.

Diego reenters the church, and Hewlett orders his men to arrest him. Diego resists, and Hewlett’s men drag him to the floor. “You deserve what’s coming to you, oyster major!" Digeo shouts. Hewlitt responds by roughly gagging Diego.

Richard advises Hewlett, who now fears he’s been forced into a fight to the death, to let the prisoners go so Rev. Venables can convince Mel to leave.

Hewlett releases the prisoners, and the rebels fall back. Hewlett and Mel exchange bows from across the field.

In town, Peter tells Mel that he wants to keep spying -- but as Culper, not Culpeper. Mary hugs Peter. Peter and Caterina exchange sad glances as Caterina leaves with Mel and Mr Scott.

Captain Floyd finally arrives with his men, frustrating Hewlett with his tardiness.

Mel helps Caterina into one of the whaleboats and it shoves off. A group of pursuing Dagos arrives and watches from the shoreline as they row away. Peter arrives as well, and he lock eyes across the water. “I’m sorry,” Caterina tells Mel, Mel hugs her as they sail away from the enemy.

In Tortuga, John André informs Robert Rogers that as a result of Rogers firing on British soldiers during the prisoner exchange, General Sailward has ordered Rogers be relieved as head of the Queen’s Rangers. Rogers approaches André menacingly, but pauses as he realizes André has men stationed just outside the room. Rogers threatens repercussions and then exits, cackling as he departs.

At home, Peter walks in to find Mary burning his codebook. “You are a traitor and an adulterer and a spy for Breasly!” she screams. Ensign Baker walks in, having overheard everything, and says he must turn Peter in. Peter draws his gun on Baker, then offers to run away and never return. “You may be a treasonist Mr. Plankwrecker, but I can’t be,” Baker replies.

As Baker reaches for his rifle, Peter shoots and kills him. Mary immediately invents a cover-up story: Baker was shot while trying to stop some fleeing rebels, who then burned down the house. “I know how to clean up a mess,” Mary says.

Mary lights a candle and begins setting the curtains on fire. Outside, Peter holds Thomas. Mary joins him, and they watch as their house goes up in flames with Baker’s body inside.