Richard Bladebane is User:Lieutenant General Richard Venables main character in POTCO, he is currently level

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16 and is a member of British Co. Elites, he is a Captain in the British Royal Army and Commands The Swifts of the First Platoon in the EITC Third Division.

Early lifeEdit

(The first part of Richards life is recorded in the biography written by himself, for this info please attend to this link: The Life and Adventures of Richard Bladebane, For information about his time in the British Co. Elites and the Royal Navy see below!)

Joining the Royal Navy
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Richard had been abandoned the pirate crew he had sailed with when they docked in Port Royal, he was swimming to shore when he gave out in exhuastion and was rescued by a young man named Richard Sternsilver, Richard Sternsilver was a young officer in the EITC, Richard and Sternsilver took to one another and became friends, Richard met Johnny Goldtimbers, an officer in the Royal Navy and Cadius Bane, the EITC Lord Marshall who invited him to drink with them in the Royal Anchor tavern, Richard decided that night to join the Kings Marines and fight for the British, he was made Private Richard Bladebane and fought valiantly beside Goldtimbers during the Paradoxian War and was made a Sergeant for his extreme bravery.

Lieutenant BladebaneEdit

Richard was now a Sergeant in the Royal British Marines and fought under Sir Johnny Coaleastern during the Post
Paradoxian war where he was felled multiple times before he took out several Spanish soldiers and defeated an undead skeleton who somehow wandered onto the battleground, after the battle he was posted to Kingshead where he was put on gaurd duties around the fortress chiefly gaurding Foulberto Roberts before his execution in the Kingshead barrack, he wroked very hard and eventually earned himself a promotion to Lieutenant which was extremely rare but not unknown for someone like him.