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Within chat and message walls, fellow members of the EITC have made plans to dominate and succeed in POR with the use of leveling and loot gathering. This quest is already being taken by a small group of members, but anyone who wants to join can do so. (Make sure to notify someone so we can add you.)

Current MembersEdit

-Lord Constable/Brigadier General Ishmael Venables

-Ben ShoreBatten

-Colonel Mark Ironskull

-Colonel/Lt. Commander Peter Plankwrecker

-Colonel Simon Pratton

-Leon Crestbreaker

If something is wrong, please notify someone and it will eventually be fixed.

Leveling PlansEdit

In Order of Islands:

We will primarily be following the Black Pearl quest for the sake of good progress, and we will travel to the respective islands if need be. Remember: we act as a group, so it is best that we follow in each other's footsteps.

-Port Royal (Levels 1-5 or so since we start there)

-Royal Caverns (Levels 5-15 or so-we will be fighting the boss as well)

-Kingshead (Only with a group around level 15 or higher-we will be fighting Remington the Vicious)

-Isla Tormenta (Levels 25+- We can start with the crabs and dregs on the beach if alone. If in a group, then we can venture into the caverns earlier)

Beyond there we can choose to go to Raven's Cove or wherever else to meet our group's Level 50 objective.

Ships and ClothesEdit

We have made a decision that we will start at early levels in a light galleon to collect more cargo and loot. When we acquire enough gold, we plan to buy our respective EITC clothes, and eventually, better ships for ourselves such as war vessels.


More will be coming as we have yet to make a final decision on this.