• Johnny Goldtimbers

    Ishamel has been given a full pardon and one, Ryan Warhawk will be sentenced to death 

    Ryan Warhawk, in the name of George Augustus , Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg, Archtreasurer and Prince-elector of the Holy Roman Empire, King of Great Britain and Ireland and of the House of Hanover, second of his name, the following statutes are temporarily amended: Right to assembly, suspended. Right to habeas corpus, suspended. Right to legal counsel, suspended. Right to verdict by a jury of peers, suspended. You are hereby sentenced to death.

    All citizens of the British Empire will make it an imperative to aid in the execution of this man at any cost necessary. 


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  • Bart Swordfury

    My leaving

    August 10, 2014 by Bart Swordfury

    Dear Countrymen,

    We have served alongside one another a long time, through many hardships, but this time is the last, I am leaving the division, and soon perhaps england all together, rumors are spreading of treason, all I can do is say they are falce and hope you can trust in my word as I trust the word of God, you were and still are good men, do not seek vengance, do not seek blood, seek that which is right. Good day gents.


    Major Bartholomew Swordfury

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